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Content Interpretation


Toddler play-space, MOTAT Museum, Auckland



In 2017 MOTAT Museum wanted to strengthen their offer for toddlers and their families. They challenged Art of Fact to create ‘MOTOTS’ – an indoor play-space that celebrates physical movement.

We began with a set of gestures:


reti slide,

koko scoop,

nuku move,

porepore tumble,

tautika level,

kawiri twist,

taurite balance,

katote shake,


Then we needed an idea to connected them all;
machines in the garden”.

From there it was easy to create a fantasy landscape of spaces, shapes, toys, interactives and even a soundscape that followed the same idea to its conclusion. The result is a museum space that gets kids exploring, moving, and playing, playing and more playing.

Parents report coming back time and again, and staying far longer than they imagined. Luckily we designed comfortable spaces for the adults too.