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Exhibition, Dunedin

Speight’s Brewery Tour


A story that started in 1876 and still continues today; Speight’s beer is the taste of the south.

To redesign the tour through the old – and new – breweries, Lion Breweries turned to Art of Fact to develop the tour script, timing and design and install all the interactions along the way.

Southern hospitality is all about good honest people, so we decided to design everything to make the great Speight’s guides into even greater story tellers. All the installations, animations and interactives are prompts for them to guide visitors.


The tour of course covers the history of Speight’s and how it maps the history of the country, but it also – for the first time – really makes sense of how beer is made, step by step in an engaging and involved way.

The toughest test would be the guides – they said “We love it mate. Good on you”.  That’s enough for us.