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Narrative Design 


Experience Planning


Content Interpretation


Temporary exhibition, MOTAT Museum, Auckland

The Innovators

Art of Fact won a creative ideas competition to develop a major new exhibition space for MOTAT. The brief was to inspire the innovators of tomorrow with engaging stories of innovators today. We started by getting under the skin of the story; why a team of innovators would be interesting and inspiring; 

1. diversity of thought
a range of personality types involved in the process

2. overcoming obstacles
the innovators had shown a resilience to setbacks

3. good-remoteness
teams that had turned being in New Zealand to their global advantage.   

Then we considered who this exhibit was for. In this case, the primary audience was young people who are making decisions about their future. We wanted to inspire them to be innovative in their thinking. The secondary audiences are the multi-generational groups that often accompany those young people (specifically younger siblings, parents and grandparents). If the secondary audiences also found something directed at them, then our primary targets were more likely to be open to the core experiences.

Then we explored the things we have to share the story and the experience. We had few objects, so we had to compliment what we did have, we conducted extensive interviews with the key personnel, and created from those interactives, videos and graphic works. 

Finally we were able to design a ‘hall of fame’ space, with a major fixed element surrounded by five changeable rooms each focused on one team of innovators. Each room is made from a re-usable kit of parts that allows us to rotate the featured teams in the coming years.