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3D installation design to promote Auckland

World Masters Games & Lions Tour

In 2017 Auckland hosted the largest participation games in the world; the World Masters Games. It was followed a few months later by the British and Irish Lions Tour.

For both events, Auckland Council (through ATEED – Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development) wanted to communicate the message of ‘Do Business’ with Auckland. They chose Art of Fact and artist Johnson Witehira to create a set of installations for the hosted events.

We developed a set of clear messages that went under the skin of why you would want to do business with and in Auckland. What we discovered is the story underneath, the qualities of the city that make it a special place to live, study and work.

Johnson designed a set of tohu symbols that carry the meaning of a place of youthful energy, and land of a thousand opportunities and a place of ease in the world. Art of Fact worked with those symbols to create a language of large three dimensional installations that served as conversation pieces.

ATEED reported that the result was a spike in curiosity about the city, and with the underlying message of why it is a great place to live, study and do business.